October Orange Contest 2012

My Profile ImageZach #1 wrote this note on October 7, 2012 at 6:27pm.


To my own surprise, I just realized this is our fifth anniversary of the October Orange Contest, since the first year we ran it was in 2008.

That's pretty cool.

What would be some good "five" or "fifth" themed things I could incorporate into this note? There are surprisingly few whiskey related outcomes, so I couldn't do something with a fifth of whiskey, but I did find this Bourbon for you!

I could do something with like Cinco de Octubre Naranja, but there aren't any Cinco de Mayo drawings. I did find this sweet Dia De Los Muertos skull, but it doesn't have any orange in it.

This outcome seems oddly appropriate, but not all Scribbls community members may care that it is a US election year.

Oh wait, you probably don't care about any of this, and you probably want to know what in the hell is an October Orange Contest, and how do I enter? Well, fair enough...

How Do I Enter?

Simply draw an outcome that uses the color orange during the month of October and it will be automagically entered in the contest.

How Do I Win?

Well, the community votes, of course! The Scribbls community members who submitted the top five most hearted contest outcomes by October 31st at 11:59pm GMT-6 will be granted the use of orange forever. We rank the top five excluding previous years' winners, and also individuals can only hold one place at a time. (Sorry, you can't win all of first through fifth place yourself.)

Remember to be a good sport and give your Heart’s to the entries you like, especially if you want other people to heart yours!

Where Can I Check The Standings?

Watch the contest standings page. How are you doing? Are you winning? I hope so.

Good Luck

May your Scribbls be hearty. Now go draw!

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  1. My Profile ImageFloriaen #1566 responded on October 8, 2012 at 12:18am.

    The town is on fire.
    People jump from the roof of the buildings.
    The sky is orange, the planes and birds loose their mind
    What is happening?
    It's the Scribbls Orange contest.

    Good luck guys!

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